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Bison Quest Christmas Carols the Buffalo sing November 30, 2014

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"Deck the horns with boughs of aspen...."

“Deck the horns with boughs ….”

Ok – this is how we entertain ourselves when the weather is subzero and we’re out feeding the buffs, with Christmas carols playing on the radio! Inspiration (or desperation) abounds!  Other ideas welcome – I’ll see how many of them I can match with photos :).  We started this last year, so I thought I’d repost those we did last year interspersed with some new ones this year.  So send me some catchy Christmas song titles!


Bison Photography Fun with Yahoo Travel Jo Piazza and Travel Blogger Jackie Laulainen! November 23, 2014

We were flattered to find that Jo Piazza (Yahoo Travel) wanted to visit us here at Bison Quest, even though it’s winter, it’s cold, and it’s snowy.  But she and Jackie Laulainen (travel blogger) came for a visit anyway – and we had a blast.  Of course, the buffs are all photogenic and were happy to pose for the gals to take as many pics as they wished.  Watching (and photographing) Jo and Jackie taking selfies was priceless.  See you gals in June!

Jo and Jackie and bison - what a combination!

Jo and Jackie and bison – what a combination!

Jo, Jackie and Tikka share a moment

Jo, Jackie and Tikka share a moment

What the.....?  We only have one buff that will let you smell her :)!!  So smell they did.

What the…..? We only have one buff that will let you smell her :)!! So smell they did.


Garden Salad – literally! July 12, 2014

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Even the "weeds" made it into this one - violets and lambsquarter had popped up here and there.

Garden Salad – literally!


We may have to wait until July, but even we can garden here at 6000′ in Montana’s mountains! We’re so excited to be finally getting strawberries this year. And I even added some “weeds” – both lambsquarter and volunteer violets abound in the garden and taste great.


Helicopter Eagle Nest survey – how we do it. June 8, 2014

For those who are curious, here’s how we try to determine the number of golden eagle nests in an area (for those concerned about tax dollars, these aren’t.  This is money from oil and gas leases, which is fitting since they are some of the issues causing the problems.)

Golden eagles need either cliffs or very large trees to nest in (Bald eagles nest primarily in really big trees near water).  So to find Golden Eagles (the primary target of this study) here’s what we do:

We cruise cliffs along rivers..

We fly above rivers looking in the trees (and watching out for powerlines!), check out cliffs along rivers and up drainages,

and cliffs in the mountains

and cliffs in the mountains

Golden Eagles usually nest on cliffs

Typical Golden Eagle nest with 2 chicks

Bald Eagle nest

Bald Eagle nest with adult and chick in a cottonwood tree on the river.


Commuting to work. A Bison Quest “I love my life!” post June 7, 2014

Commuting to work Monday morning.

Commuting to work Monday morning.

Get up in the morning, grab a bite to eat, and run out to the pasture to catch a helicopter to work.  We’re doing Golden Eagle surveys this week :)!




New Buff Babies at Bison Quest! April 30, 2014

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The last week of April and the first week of May are the big baby buff weeks here!  Here are Emma and Gracie with their new little ones last week.

April baby

April babies

Gracie and babe


Bison Quest Drive In – We drive in and the bison calf jumps on! January 5, 2014

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"Going on a hay ride with you."

Bison Quest Drive In Dining

This youngster isn’t big on waiting for the hay to come to him.  Once we arrive, he jumps on the trailer and rides while I drive. Craig throws hay off of the front of the bale while the youngster snacks on the back.  It’s a buffalo sort of “Drive In Dining.”


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