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Sweetpea – the rest of the story. February 13, 2011

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Sweet feed for the Sweetpea

Well, I’ve never gotten quite so many emails over a post so I figured I’d put an end to the suspense.  The easiest way to bring you up to speed on the Sweetpea saga, is to show you this little clip :).


We’re wasting electricity – turn on the dishwasher! April 8, 2010

Deer and solar panels

Deer and solar panels

It’s a sunny, breezy day here on the ranch, and Craig just came running into the house yelling, “Turn on the dishwasher – wash some clothes – turn on the lights!  We’re wasting electricity.”  Is this an odd sentence to you?  If it is, then it’s obvious that you don’t have solar panels or a wind generator hooked up to your house.  We have both and on sunny, windy days we make TOO much electricity and, if we don’t use it, it has to just be dissipated.  We aren’t hooked up to “the grid” so we can’t “sell” the power back to the power company – we have to just let it go. We’re looking into getting an electric vehicle of some sort so we can use this extra electricity.  Days like today, we just look at each other and say, “why doesn’t everyone do this?”  I guess it just makes too much sense in a country where everyone is used to relying on big corporations to take care of them.


“Earth Hour” at Bison Quest is year round! March 27, 2010

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Our deer and our solar panels get along just fine!

I mean, what's not to like?

Today World Wildlife Fund is promoting the idea of “Earth Hour” -a call for action on climate change by asking for everyone to turn off their lights for one hour tonight (even the Las Vegas Strip is going dark!) and not use energy coming from climate impacting sources.  As individuals who believe in clean energy, I think it is up to us to take personal action as well as legislative. We run our entire home off of wind and solar and it’s not hard, complicated or more expensive in the long run. We need to learn to think along the lines of energy independence, not just from foreign oil, but from big energy corporations as well. Put thousands of solar panels up in the desert and you destroy thousands of acres of wildlife habitat. Put thousands of solar panels on thousands of homes and you have energy independence!  One of the misconceptions of solar and wind as “clean” energy, is that they aren’t damaging to the environment.  While the individual structures are pretty benign, when you put up thousands over 40 square miles, that makes one heck of an impact.    And they are often hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles from where the electricity is going to be used.  I realize that some of these projects are inevitable, but we could drastically downsize them if we could just get individuals to realize that we don’t HAVE to have a big energy corporation sell all of our energy to us.  We can make our own!


Of mice and men. February 8, 2010

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After 20 years of faithful service and surviving 2 teenage drivers, our S-10 pickup succumbed to a mouse. A chewed wire shorted out and caused a little engine fire while feeding the buffs one morning a mile from the house.  Here Craig inspects the damage after putting out the fire with snow, while an excited calf merrily bounces around them.  Sigh.  At least someone finds it entertaining.

Bouncing baby and not so bouncing truck.


Bison Quest Documentary airing on the Sundance Channel October 8, 2009

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I’ve promised so many people to “let them know” when I heard the Sundance channel would be airing the documentary that they shot up here at our ranch, that I figured I’d better get with it and put something on the blog. We just heard the definitive date – so here you go.  The actual full length documentary will air on Tuesday, 13 October at 8 pm (so the website says). The series is “Big Ideas for a small planet” and the episode is “Leisure”.  To see a little clip of it, go to the link and just click on the buffalo picture in the clips at the bottom They came last year to film us the day we got a huge snowstorm. Ironically enough, they were here for three days and the day after they left, all of the snow melted and we had gorgeous weather for the next month. If you don’t like the weather in Montana – wait five minutes. No kidding.



Welcome to Bison Quest November 9, 2008

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Welcome to Wild Echo Bison Reserve and our Bison Quest Adventure Vacations.  While our website (and we) have been around for a few years, the idea of a blog is a new one.  Well, maybe not a new idea, but certainly a new idea for me.  With my “love” for computers (that, for those who know me, is using extreme sarcasm), the idea of actually subjecting myself to this hateful task on a regular basis is intimidating, to say the least.  But in the end, the desire to share what we have here, to make a difference in our exciting, awesome and incredible wild world around us in even a small way, is overwhelming.  So here I am.  With a blog.

We’re always being asked how, and why, Bison Quest was started.  I’ll talk about the “how” some other time, but the “why” seems as good a way to introduce us as any.  We – all of us- live in a fascinating and intricately connected world, but I’m often amazed, and dismayed, at how little of it most of us understand.  Or are even aware of.  And, if we aren’t aware of it, then how can we save it?   How can we save us? And that, in a nutshell, is why we wanted to bring Bison Quest into existence.  Because Craig and I want to share the natural world with those of you who live in worlds of concrete and steel and asphalt, but know that there’s more to life than that.  To those of you who know that this world around you is worth exploring and understanding – indeed, is critical that it be understood.  Because, in the end, what happens to this complicated world outside of our cities and towns, is where the future lies for all of us.




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