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About November 9, 2008

Bison Quest Adventure Vacations take place on the Wild Echo Bison Reserve in Montana. Bison Quest is run by wildlife biologists Pam and Craig Knowles.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Mike Knowles Says:

    Is your grandfather’s (or perhaps great grandfather) name Grinnell Knowles? I spent a couple of summers on my uncle (Grinnell’s brother) Jack’s ranch near Great Falls around 1955. Grinnell’s 2 children lived in Great Falls at the time.
    Mike Knowles

  2. Julia Says:

    Greetings, I like the photos in your Blizzard Bison posting from January 2010. I’m curious – is that a bison calf next to the full grown bison? Or is that a bovine cow? I am hunting for a photo of a bison and a cow standing side by side. Many thanks, Julia

  3. bisonquest Says:

    Hi Julia. Glad you liked the photo. That’s a bison calf standing next to her mom (a bison cow). We don’t have any domestic cattle on our ranch – just buffs :).

  4. Ah Ram Kim Says:

    Hi~Uncle Craig & Aunt Pam
    I’m Ah Ram. How are you? I can’t find your and grandparents adress & phone number.
    Would you tell me about that? How do live your family and grandparents? I miss you so much.
    Do you have a I-phone or I-pad? what is your OS? Father’s phone number is +82-11-9941-9285 and my number is +82-10-8850-1877.
    We hope get the newas rapidly. Bye~ ^^

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