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but the sun was shining and birds were calling – what’s a gal to do? May 8, 2013

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#marmots, #bluebirds, #grouse and #chickadees. This is what my springs are made of.

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I was supposed to be working on our ranch taxes. Yes, I know – I’m late.  I’m always late with taxes.  Extensions were made for people like me.  All the same, I was diligently working on them first thing this morning.  But when I went out to feed the livestock and let out the chickens, I got waylaid.  The sun was shining, a warm southwest breeze was blowing, and I could hear flickers and chickadees and bluebirds and….  I grabbed my camera and mud boots (I said it was a beautiful day, I didn’t say it wasn’t mucky) and just started walking.  I saw the first pasque flower of the year, and startled a flock of blue grouse.  The yellow bellied marmots were out and whistling, the flickers were making their exotic calls, and the bluebirds were courting.  I didn’t get home until lunchtime.  This is what my springs are…

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