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Our annual yard mule deer fawn June 12, 2012

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Every year we have a couple of mule deer does who choose to have, and keep, their fawns in our yard.  Surrounded as we are by mountain lions, coyotes, bears and the occasional wolf, one can see why sticking as close to us humans as possible might be a great idea.  This is one such lucky baby.  Mom just took off to find something to eat and I watched her tell this little guy to go find a place to lay down.  I was surprised to find how nonchalant he was (they had no idea I was watching them from the living room window) and how much time (about 10 minutes) it took for him to find somewhere he liked and settle in.  I couldn’t resist so moved in for a closer look – and he pretended he was a fawn statue!

If I hold really still, I know she’ll never see me.



I just love taking walks on the ranch because

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I see the neatest things.  Last week I forgot to take my camera one day on my walk and stumbled across a newborn fawn.  So this week I’ve been hauling it along.  This western tanager male was busy looking for bugs and very accommodating when I wanted to take his picture!

This guy was in a hurry!


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