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Moose morning – Spring comes to the high country May 11, 2011

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Well, we waited long enough for it, but it’s finally here.  Spring has come to our high country ranch.  Yesterday was a coyote, flower and baby buffalo day while this morning I got to watch a moose head down the driveway to the house.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t at the house – I was a half mile away taking my walk and just happened to be looking back at the house when a big black critter galloped across the hillside and down the driveway.  Even at that distance, a moose is easy to recognize.  They’re huge with a body about the size of a bison but with long legs and neck.  Sort of like a long necked buffalo on stilts.  The picture here isn’t of this moose  – my moose this morning was a cow (just imagine this one without antlers).  If only I’d stayed home and looked out the window!

Moose in the morning


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