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It’s a coyote and buffalo morning May 10, 2011

Filed under: ecology,wildlife — bisonquest @ 5:24 pm

Rained all day yesterday – not snow – and that’s something to celebrate.  My walk this morning found a few buttercups scattered around and the pasque flowers have buds.  It’s late for the flowers this year, but we can expect an abundance of them in a few weeks.  I eventually ran into the bison and the moms all looked at me like I was an intruder, grunting to their calves to keep close.  Further on, I watched a coyote trot across the meadow still full of snow, but soft enough that she kept sinking in.  She stopped to do some mousing – jumping into the air and landing front feet first on the mouse, a quick chomp and she was off to find more.  What a great morning!

Coyote video


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