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Woolly Bully and his new toy May 14, 2011

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This is a video clip that I actually took a month ago (we don’t have that much snow left anymore, thank goodness) but I’m just now getting around to sharing it.  It’s just so fun!  Woolly Bully makes toys out of things that he can throw around.  And trust me, there are quite a few things that he can throw!   Check out his new game of toss the bale.


Moose morning – Spring comes to the high country May 11, 2011

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Well, we waited long enough for it, but it’s finally here.  Spring has come to our high country ranch.  Yesterday was a coyote, flower and baby buffalo day while this morning I got to watch a moose head down the driveway to the house.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t at the house – I was a half mile away taking my walk and just happened to be looking back at the house when a big black critter galloped across the hillside and down the driveway.  Even at that distance, a moose is easy to recognize.  They’re huge with a body about the size of a bison but with long legs and neck.  Sort of like a long necked buffalo on stilts.  The picture here isn’t of this moose  – my moose this morning was a cow (just imagine this one without antlers).  If only I’d stayed home and looked out the window!

Moose in the morning


It’s a coyote and buffalo morning May 10, 2011

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Rained all day yesterday – not snow – and that’s something to celebrate.  My walk this morning found a few buttercups scattered around and the pasque flowers have buds.  It’s late for the flowers this year, but we can expect an abundance of them in a few weeks.  I eventually ran into the bison and the moms all looked at me like I was an intruder, grunting to their calves to keep close.  Further on, I watched a coyote trot across the meadow still full of snow, but soft enough that she kept sinking in.  She stopped to do some mousing – jumping into the air and landing front feet first on the mouse, a quick chomp and she was off to find more.  What a great morning!

Coyote video


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