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..and then there are days like today…. February 21, 2011

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Some days start with a bang and we just get soooo much done.  Then there are the days that start like this and you know it’s going to be a long one.

Yup, they're stuck. Again.


Sweetpea – the rest of the story. February 13, 2011

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Sweet feed for the Sweetpea

Well, I’ve never gotten quite so many emails over a post so I figured I’d put an end to the suspense.  The easiest way to bring you up to speed on the Sweetpea saga, is to show you this little clip :).


Upside down baby buff in a snowdrift February 9, 2011

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Last summer, Imiko – one of our older cows – stopped making milk the middle of the summer and her baby didn’t grow as quickly as she should.  Because she was so little, when she started eating hay, she was often getting crowded out and our harsh winter wasn’t helping her any.  Christmas day was the the turning point of all that.  We went out to feed and realized that Sweetpea was missing.  We went looking for her, and found her upside down in a snowdrift where she had been all night long.  Poor thing.  We could see where the herd had surrounded her and tried to get her on her feet, but all they have are horns and they were pushing her uphill – they just couldn’t do it.  So between us, Craig and I were finally able to get her on her feet, but we did it with heavy hearts.  She was very weak and we were afraid that she’d never make it.  Unfortunately, a 6 month old baby buffalo, even a little one, is way beyond our ability to pick up or put in the truck, so we surrounded her with hay (which she ignored) and watched with worried faces as she stumbled her way back to the herd.   I’ll tell you what happened in a few days :)!

Sweetpea after her ordeal in a snowbank all night


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