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Baby’s wool coat. February 23, 2010

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Bison calves are born a rusty red color – usually in May – and by July they’ve pretty much replaced their red baby wool with the chocolate brown fur of an adult.  But, if you remember, we had a late fall calf born last October (on a super cold 5 degree F morning) and it’s been fun watching the resulting fur.  He hasn’t lost it – in fact, it’s grown longer than any red baby wool we’ve ever seen on a calf.  And, of course, that makes perfect sense.  If you are going to be careless enough to get yourself born just before a wicked Montana winter, you sure as heck had better plan to hold on to whatever fur you’ve got.  Shedding it out is NOT a good idea :).  And hold on to it he has.  We call him “the butterball” because he looks so round (mama has taken very good care of him) and we thought you might like to see what he looks like today.  Five months old and he still has his rusty red baby wool, although you can see his little face and legs are turning black!

The Butterball Bison Baby


3 Responses to “Baby’s wool coat.”

  1. Jay Bangle Says:

    That is just TOO cute! Can’t wait to see if he sheds out the red in the spring.

  2. Kelli Faram Says:

    I love that little Butterball!!

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