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Dashing through the snow….. January 7, 2010

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Oh, oh - one ton and gaining fast!

Awww, man. I'm so gonna be toast!


3 Responses to “Dashing through the snow…..”

  1. sharon Says:

    outstanding photos pam. love the winter action. would like to capture some of that interaction in photos. will have to spend more time up on spencer’s mountain to capture winter’s beauty.

    wonderful job pam

  2. Julie Says:

    Those are incredible Pictures Pam! How did you get that close with them charging like that? Or are they playing… Is that Mister Wooley Bully there?

  3. bisonquest Says:

    Thanks – I’m glad you like the pics! And yes, that is certainly Woolly Bully in the back:). The cow in the front is Gimpy. I almost hate to say how I got the picture – it is sooo cheating! Craig whistled and called Woolly Bully and the dominant cows up to the top of the hill to get “a treat” and then we drove down to the bottom of the hill and Craig whistled for them to come again. Of course, they LOVE their treats, so they came galloping down the hill. And Woolly Bully isn’t actually chasing Gimpy, Gimpy is the dominant cow, and Woolly Bully is dominant over EVERYBODY, so they are the most “treat spoiled” because everyone has to make way for them. So when Craig whistles for them to come, guess who comes charging down first :)! And I get by the side of the truck and it looks like they’re “charging” us. But it’s really not me they’re after – they go right past me and straight to Craig in the bed of the truck with their treat! It’s really quite exciting.

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