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Bison Quest Documentary airing on the Sundance Channel October 8, 2009

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I’ve promised so many people to “let them know” when I heard the Sundance channel would be airing the documentary that they shot up here at our ranch, that I figured I’d better get with it and put something on the blog. We just heard the definitive date – so here you go.  The actual full length documentary will air on Tuesday, 13 October at 8 pm (so the website says). The series is “Big Ideas for a small planet” and the episode is “Leisure”.  To see a little clip of it, go to the link and just click on the buffalo picture in the clips at the bottom They came last year to film us the day we got a huge snowstorm. Ironically enough, they were here for three days and the day after they left, all of the snow melted and we had gorgeous weather for the next month. If you don’t like the weather in Montana – wait five minutes. No kidding.



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