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Summer film crews July 25, 2009

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You know, last winter we were complaining that the only time we ever got film crews is when it was snowing, but it seems that we were wrong.  We’ve had two film crews here at Bison Quest this summer and were so proud that we could show off our place when it’s full of flowers and greenery!  The end of June, we had Matt and his crew from Pure Life Productions LLC spend a few days with us and we were quite thankful that our wildlife and flowers all stepped up to the plate!  The whole crew kept exclaiming and ohhing and ahhing over everything they were catching on film and we just puffed up with pride.  Matt will be sending us a high definition promotional dvd as a “thanks” for being able to shoot here at Wild Echo, and we’re really looking forward to it.  They were a fun bunch and we really enjoyed having them – we’ll let you know when the dvd comes out.

We also had a visit from Flying Horse Communications, who were so impressed with the beauty of the ranch that they wanted to shoot here for a commercial.  We’ll let you know when that one airs as well!

Craig is interviewed by Pure Life Productions

Craig is interviewed by Pure Life Productions


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