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Coyote in the limelight June 10, 2009

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I just went and picked up the remote camera yesterday.  One of our chickens had died (no, not TDC) during the winter and I had placed it down in one of our forested drainages to see what would come to it.  Well, we got lots of curious deer – most of whom are recognizable as the deer who frequent our yard – and one coyote in the limelight (or flash in this case)!

Coyote in the limelight - or flash

Coyote in the limelight - or flash

Our buck

Our buck


2 Responses to “Coyote in the limelight”

  1. Karen Says:

    Interesting to see the deer there. Once last year while on an early morning drive to our closest larger city, my friend and I saw a deer that had been killed by a train. A bear that had likely visited the site about 5 – 10 min earlier was making a hasty retreat off into the woods again, and there with the carcass was another deer and a pheasant. Why are deer so interested in carcasses?

  2. bisonquest Says:

    Well, in the case of your dead deer, it was probably because the dead deer was someone that the live deer knew. With the chicken, I suspect it was simply because it was out of the ordinary, and therefore was something that deer, as well as many wild critters, would want to check out.

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