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Coyote in the limelight June 10, 2009

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I just went and picked up the remote camera yesterday.  One of our chickens had died (no, not TDC) during the winter and I had placed it down in one of our forested drainages to see what would come to it.  Well, we got lots of curious deer – most of whom are recognizable as the deer who frequent our yard – and one coyote in the limelight (or flash in this case)!

Coyote in the limelight - or flash

Coyote in the limelight - or flash

Our buck

Our buck


Cabin up to the loft June 9, 2009

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The cabin up to the loft floor.

cabin 010cabin 013


Cabin continued June 8, 2009

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More pics of the cabin as it goes up.  It’s moving  fast despite working around guests, weather and irregular material deliveries!

cabin 001cabin frnt


Spring? in the Montana mountains June 7, 2009

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Arrowleaf balsamroot and a Montana mountain spring.

Yesterday afternoon we went out to the meadows to burn slashpiles of dead wood and branches that we stacked during the summer, and I snapped this perfect example of a Montana mountain spring.  If I had been willing to brave the weather in the morning, I could have caught the snow blanketing the ground and the flowers.  But, alas, I behaved like a wimp and didn’t stir myself outside until the snow had pulled back from the meadows…. and the flowers.


Building a Bison Quest Cabin June 2, 2009

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Trying to wake up this morning.  Had to make a late night run to Helena (100 mile round trip) to get lumber for our cabin.  The guys building it realized they needed more lumber.  I HATE hauling 16 foot boards – they are soooo unsteady over these roads.  I kept expecting to see them sitting in the road behind me!  This is our second, and LAST cabin, at camp.  Thought I’d post pics as it goes up (though I’m already behind with the pictures).

Cabin beginnings

Cabin beginnings

6 logs up!

6 logs up!


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