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Austria comes to Bison Quest May 24, 2009

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Crowd Pleasers

Crowd Pleasers

One of our favorite “jobs” as wildlife biologists living on such a fascinating ranch as Wild Echo, is that of sharing it with others – especially those who have never seen bison before. And there are few guests as enthusiastic and excited as students! Couple that with having this be their first visit to the United States, let alone Montana, and it’s a recipe for a fantastic time. We thoroughly enjoyed the Austrian high school students who converged on us for their first introduction to Montana’s wildlands and those big, shaggy creatures we call bison.

These are some of the comments we received after they all got back to Austria:…… “We haven´t seen bisons ever before, so we were very excited and impressed.”…….. “Our trip to the bison was one of the greatest things we did in Montana. It was gorgeous to see the landscape around and in the bison park.”…….. “The bisons were much bigger than I had expected and they are very interesting animals.”………… “Now we are back to Austria and our usual life again. We´ll remember Montana as a beautiful place with nice and helpful people.” “It was a great experience to see the bisons from near…. It was also a great experience to touch the bisons.  I would love to come back….”

And Craig and I are looking forward to a visit to Austria one of these days!




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