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Buttercups, Spring Beauties, Shooting Stars – it’s Spring! May 18, 2009

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Pasque flowers

Pasque flowers

Spring comes late to Montana’s high country – and this year it’s later than usual.  After a winter of almost 9 feet of snow, we’ve been anxiously waiting for it to melt.  Well, it’s not all gone, but the wildflowers are no longer waiting for winter’s final defeat – they’re coming anyway.  Every week there are new waves of color as one type of flower is joined by another……….. and then another.  The buttercups are among the first, reaching their peak last week as the spring beauties began popping up amongst them.  This week, the buttercups are in decline, but the shooting stars are dotting the new grass with their brilliant magenta petals, while spring beauties form such a mat that one crushes the delicate things at each step.  The yellow bells and glacier lilies are now replacing the yellow of the buttercups, interrupted here and there by the purple pasque flowers,  just starting to open their soft, fuzzy heads.   And we still have the lupine and Indian paintbrush, sticky geraniums and violets, wild roses, delphiniums, beebalm and hollyhocks, and many, many more to come. I LOVE spring!

Spring Beauties

Spring Beauties

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars


One Response to “Buttercups, Spring Beauties, Shooting Stars – it’s Spring!”

  1. Kelli Faram Says:

    I am sure it is just breathtaking there right now! I cannot wait to go back to Bison Quest!

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