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Introducing TDC – Truck Driving Chicken! May 16, 2009

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We have a number of laying hens that wander our yard, but there is one that stands out.  Let us introduce you to TDC (Truck Driving Chicken).  She garnered this name at her silly insistence of getting in our old ranch truck at every opportunity.  You pull up into the driveway after a day in town and, running down the road as fast as she can to greet you is….  Truck Driving Chicken!  You park the truck and look out the window, and find you’re being circled by a wild eyed little grey hen…. Truck Driving Chicken!  You open the truck door and immediately there is a flurry of wings and, landing on the seat of the truck you are joined by…. Truck Driving Chicken!   Or don’t open the door and there’s still a flurry of wings and, on your truck window is…….Truck Driving Chicken!  We have no idea how the love affair started, but there you are – TDC LOVES the truck.  And, if you leave her alone long enough, she says “thanks” as only a chicken can.

TDC and the Truck

TDC and the Truck

Checking things out

Checking things out

Settling in

Settling in

My, my, would you look at that!

My, my, would you look at that!


4 Responses to “Introducing TDC – Truck Driving Chicken!”

  1. Kelli Faram Says:

    I am glad she thanked you with an egg – I was thinking of something else.

    Now is she different from the speckled hen that follows you around like a puppy?

  2. bisonquest Says:

    We do have a couple of speckled hens, and ALL the chickens follow me around when I have food (or they think I have food), but TDC is the only one who is always trying to jump in the truck and go for a ride. Once we went out to go feed the buffs and as we were throwing hay out to them, who sticks her head up over the seat? You guessed it …..Truck Driving Chicken!

  3. Cindy Vince Says:

    Wow…nice to see TDC is still your co-pilot. How long do chickens live anyways??? Ya just never know what is going on in those little bird brains.

  4. bisonquest Says:

    We’ve had chickens that live for 7 or 8 years and we’re hoping TKC outdoes that. We would MISS that hen’s quirky personality!

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