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March of the Snow Bison December 16, 2008

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March of the Snow Bison

March of the Snow Bison

Like most of the rest of Montana, we just got slammed with an arctic front.  And that means that our temps have plummeted.  Our low night before last was  -27 degrees F (that’s -33 degrees C) and our high yesterday was -19 F.  When we get hit with temps like this, we spend a lot of time keeping fires going both in the woodstoves that heat the house and barn.  We have big, south facing windows that pick up the solar heat when the sun shines (and with arctic fronts, it’s not unusual to have sun) and the house stays up around 70 degrees.   And feeding the buffs is always fun.  They come snorting and tossing their heads at the sight of the truck full of hay.  While they are capable of using those huge heads to brush snow away, like most of us, they’d much rather someone just toss a little food their way.   Their thick wool insulates them so well, that the snow doesn’t melt and they end up looking like ghosts wandering through a snowy landscape.



2 Responses to “March of the Snow Bison”

  1. Kelli Says:

    That is a very cool picture!

  2. Elle Says:

    Stunning! The world of “concrete and steel and asphalt” thanks you for your photos and your blog!

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