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Cliff hangers – Bighorn Sheep Style December 1, 2008

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After our “wolf” dawn, we took a leisurely drive to Cooke City (end of the road in the winter time) and then worked our way back to Gardiner.  And we did find our bighorn sheep!  We saw a large group of a couple dozen animals grazing on a ridge a few miles away, and later found one lone 3/4 curl ram working his way up the cliffs above us.  Then, while kicking back and just “hanging out”, we were treated to a half hearted sparring contest between two young bull elk.  Now, where else can you start your day with soulful and wild wolf music, punctuate it with agile “cliff hangers”, and end it with a “pushing contest” a stone’s throw away – all set against breathtaking vistas of immense vastness!  Yellowstone is a very special place indeed.

Bighorn Ram

Bighorn Ram

Elk version of wrestling

Elk version of wrestling


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