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Welcome to Bison Quest November 9, 2008

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Welcome to Wild Echo Bison Reserve and our Bison Quest Adventure Vacations.  While our website (and we) have been around for a few years, the idea of a blog is a new one.  Well, maybe not a new idea, but certainly a new idea for me.  With my “love” for computers (that, for those who know me, is using extreme sarcasm), the idea of actually subjecting myself to this hateful task on a regular basis is intimidating, to say the least.  But in the end, the desire to share what we have here, to make a difference in our exciting, awesome and incredible wild world around us in even a small way, is overwhelming.  So here I am.  With a blog.

We’re always being asked how, and why, Bison Quest was started.  I’ll talk about the “how” some other time, but the “why” seems as good a way to introduce us as any.  We – all of us- live in a fascinating and intricately connected world, but I’m often amazed, and dismayed, at how little of it most of us understand.  Or are even aware of.  And, if we aren’t aware of it, then how can we save it?   How can we save us? And that, in a nutshell, is why we wanted to bring Bison Quest into existence.  Because Craig and I want to share the natural world with those of you who live in worlds of concrete and steel and asphalt, but know that there’s more to life than that.  To those of you who know that this world around you is worth exploring and understanding – indeed, is critical that it be understood.  Because, in the end, what happens to this complicated world outside of our cities and towns, is where the future lies for all of us.




One Response to “Welcome to Bison Quest”

  1. Julie Harvey Says:

    I have to say, My family and I were extremely fortunate to get the chance to visit BisonQuest this fall October 2008. They actually has some snow while we were there. Pam, Craig and crew are truly great people and have a huge love of what they do and it shows.

    They made this the best experience one could ever have. My children and I did not want to leave. It’s one thing to go to New York, Florida, California or the popular places to visit. But when you visit Bison quest? Well, the food is so good you want to take the cook home… the scenic view, the Bison themselves. You learn so much more and have a peaceful bonding there.

    For us it is a home away from Home. We’ll definately be back to visit and encourage everyone to come and and see what the great things BisonQuest has to offer you and your family too!

    Thank you so much again for all you have done for us and the great experience that has been burned into our memories. We left with new friends out West and can’t wait to visit again soon!

    Thanks again…. New Friends,
    The Harvey Family

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